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NexTech AR

NexTech AR

Best for:



Event Platform, Studio, Exhibits, Interactive, AR

Approx Costs

See document for pricing. $3k for hologram AR speaker


At NexTech AR we have an amazing virtual event platform which is fantastic for broadcasting, beautiful custom branding, workshops sessions, sponsorship/expo hall, and hosting of on-demand PDF and video files along with interactive elements like Q&A, Polling, Quizzes, etc.

  1. Virtual Events: Check out our look book!

  2. Platform Overview: 15 minute NexTech AR Platform Overview

Here’s a few client sizzle reels:

  1. Feldman  Agency:  video link

  2. Medical Conference: Boehringer Ingelheim VILDA video link

  3. Bell  Canada:  video link


Andrew Crow


Really like this company.

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