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"Having worked on dozens of shows with them, I can say that they are the most professional, competent, thrifty, and creative event planners in the industry. Their negotiation skills have saved me precious event budget dollars over the years and their professionalism has saved me many hours of work and worry. In addition to all this, they are a pleasure to work with."

Site Search and Contracts

A thorough site search requires finesse and a personal touch to network with industry partners to obtain the best opportunities and fit for each event. AMC Network’s experienced team will find the best available venue for your event by:

  • Developing a complete profile of the event's history, requirements, and objectives

  • Creating a clear and concise Request for Proposal (RFP) and questionnaire

  • Conducting site searches that achieve the fastest and most detailed response about location availability

  • Securing availability at venues even when it might not seem possible

  • Working with the venue to fine-tune the space to best suit your event needs


At the end of the process, you’ll get an apples-to-apples comparison that will transform the extensive data we collect into detailed, easy-to-read reports, allowing you to compare prices, space availability and constraints, and other relevant details to be sure you're selecting the right venue at the best possible price.

Site Search and Contracts

"They strive to go above and beyond what is expected for any given project and succeed, always keeping budget in mind. Their attention to detail, professionalism and integrity are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend AMC Network to any meeting planner, association or organization…they are a true pleasure to work with and will help save your company money."

"...absolute competence and professionalism, matched with endless good cheer, patience, encouragement, and an infectious confidence that everything is going to come together. And it does – without a slip up! AMC and their colleagues are masters at figuring out how to work within the constraints of our organizational culture, dispensing good advice, and exhibiting calm grace under pressure. And if that weren’t enough, they’re great fun to have around! We love working with them!

Virtual Events

Virtual events may be a necessity during this time, and we are prepared to execute.  And, virtual and hybrid events have components that will be relevant in the days to come!  From basic training to interactive virtual conferences, there are many solutions to broaden audience knowledge, provide creative and engaging social involvement, and fit within your budget constraints.  We can tailor a virtual event and marketing plan that will provide a roadmap to define your vision, accomplish your goals, add value for attendees, and give you all the resources and support you need.  Our logistics team can help you implement all the necessary components:

  • Vision – Virtual Event Plan and Post Show Analytics

  • Outreach – Marketing Plan, Website, Polling, Surveys, Feedback, Sponsor Engagement

  • Support – Registration, Attendee Support, Exhibitors

  • Resources – Streaming, Recording, Security, Sourcing, Event Platforms

  • Coordination – Content Management, Speaker Support, Logistics, Poster Presentations

  • Interaction – Fireside Chats, Games, Competitions, Wellness, 1:1 Meetings, Interactive Lounges

Virtual Events

"No matter what the issue, the task or the goal AMC, always found a way to do it. No member of the AMC Network team ever said something could not be done; they always came up with creative ways for everything to be handled no matter the number of limitations and obstacles we faced. Bringing in appropriate technology such as greatly streamlined the organizational tasks and documentation of Music Day, facilitating coordination of this global event and building a strong base for next year. "

Registration & Housing
Registration and Housing

The dynamic team at AMC Network creates an effortless and efficient registration process for your attendees.  From setting up a registration tool, managing discount codes, handling questions and requests, to greeting and managing your attendees onsite, we can do it all.  Let us be the first line of communication with your attendees so you can focus on the important details of content.


Our team will manage all your housing needs.  AMC Network will liaison with the hotel to track your pick-up, negotiate adjustments as needed, create staff, speaker and attendee rooming lists and communicate the necessary details to your attendees.

"We have seen the benefits from AMC Network's work ethic, fierce but fair negotiations, vast industry relationships and high standards translate to our programs resulting in a quality product on which we are proud to put our name."

Logistics and Solutions
Logistics and Solutions

​​Staffing needs depend on the size of your project, and that's where AMC's flexibility comes in handy.  Whether it's two people or twenty, you'll find our experienced consultants and long-term partners are available to manage every aspect of your event.

AMC Network will provide a comprehensive show plan to ensure that the process runs smoothly, and no detail is overlooked.  You'll receive all the information you need to make the best possible business decisions, as well as historical information to help you plan future events and evaluate the success of your program.


Our creative team can design and produce all your print materials, graphics, websites and meeting apps to help you promote your event and provide important information to your attendees.

Sponsorship Development

Professional Partnerships through sponsorships are a critical part of events industry.  It enhances revenue on both sides, allowing for program growth, direct sales opportunities, ultimately allowing entities to provide more content and meeting components, augmenting speakers and sessions.  We understand forming these alliances helps achieve success on both supplier and association teams.  With demonstrated sales outcomes, let us help you develop your strategies and execute a strong and profitable sponsorship development program!

Sponsorship Development
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