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Building Team Culture

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As an interview with an MC and/or videos, feature team members' interesting hobbies, and discuss what the culture and core values of Dascena mean to them.  Attendees participate through polls (and potentially videos).  Could include games (e.g.,  Survey Says). 

Connection kit:  Hanayama puzzle, Priyanka's recommended food items, and outdoor handy gadget or rock climbing gear.  Could include an inexpensive branded VR headset with a rock climbing experience (or an AR experience).  

Consider an AR hologram video!  Video could be a "welcome" or message, or a poem.  Could also have a video of The Case for Failure: Ritankar Das at TEDxRedmond, but have the images be of the story being told. 


For an example of a human hologram - scan the QR code below (need to download ARitize).

Virtual Teambonding 

TeamBonding is North America’s premier team building resource. We offer a unique combination of experience and expertise that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Count on us to deliver a fun, memorable event hosted virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of both with great team engagement and lasting results.  Items recommended by TeamBonding include (prices based on 50 people)

Escape the Virtual Mob: $2,875                                                                                       2021 Catalog

Escape the Blizzard: $2,875

Sherlock Holmes – Murder Mystery Escape Room: $2,875

The Infinite Loop Online: $2,500

Rogue Agent: $2,875

Go Give Charitable Scavenger Hunt: $3,250

Virtual Jeopardy ®: $2,100

There is also "build your own" options and combined programs (which includes e-choir)

Note: There are additional companies that we can include, but also note Airbnb Experiences,

Drawn from Within with a New York Artist


Jimmy Ichihana

A virtual magic show is a live, online experience that captures the interactive fun of an in-person show, but from the comfort and safety of your own home.

On the digital stage, you’ll be sitting front and center at the card table with Jimmy as he uses sleight-of-hand and misdirection to share unforgettable moments of astonishment with you and your guests!

Rmax Goodwin

Virtual meetings and events should engage and excite attendees. That’s why Rmax has transformed his mind-blowing in-person show into a dynamic, customized experience for virtual platforms. Throughout the show, he chooses guests at random from the gallery and reads their minds directly. At other times, he involves the entire audience at once. Using professional cameras, added software, and custom viewing windows, Rmax’s virtual show is a professionally produced experience designed to recreate the feel of an in-person show.

Drawing on his repertoire performing worldwide at events for Fortune 500 companies and the country’s biggest celebrities, Rmax has created a brand new show designed specifically to engage guests virtually. Rmax consults for America’s Got Talent Champions so he knows how to design impactful entertainment for both guests watching in-person and at home alike.

Hart Keene

Note video on Rubics Cube!

This *HR friendly show combines illusion, mind-reading, and comedy. Your guests not only witness the impossible, they experience it. That's because every aspect of the show involves members of the audience. Your guests will laugh out loud and be blown away as inanimate objects come to life, minds are read, and borrowed items end up in impossible locations. Toss in Hart's charm, quick-wit, and warm personality and you have the ingredients for a show that will be talked about and remembered long after guests have forgotten what they ate and drank!

Gary Ferrar

Gary can present a customized demonstration that fits within your mission. In addition to watching an astonishing performance, your team will learn the methods that master magicians use to distract audiences from their secrets. They’ll have a great time while Gary secretly steals their watches and learns their phone pin numbers. Topics include:
Tactical misdirection & focus manipulation
Magician tactic: pattern repetition
Methods of audience engagement
How to apply this to business/work life
Thinking on your feet/Improvisation
Interactive demonstrations

Kostya Kimlat Magician

Kostya Kimlat has been circling the globe, performing close-up magic and mentalism on TV & stage, and teaching businesses how to hink Like A Magician ( Invite Kostya to be your virtual emcee and host. He’ll prepare your speakers to shine—and use his skills as a virtual magician to engage your attendees so they stay attentive, sprinkling moments of astonishment throughout the meeting.

Jon Finch

What’s better than hosting your online meeting as a spectator sport with your people folding their arms, spectating? Attendees may be on separate continents so you can’t give them a fancy chocolate fountain or even cocktails.

And now at your virtual zoom event, you really need something special to give them a lift.
What’s the trick to hosting an extraordinary zoom party? What’s the secret?


With the experience of hundreds of online shows performed for companies like Netflix, Amazon, Google, and more than 100 glowing reviews of the interactive virtual magic show, zoom magician Jon Finch knows how to bring the whole team together and make everyone feel connected (if there’s an ocean between them, even that’s not a problem).

Harrison Kramer

Looking for close-up magic and mentalism to complete your next corporate cocktail party or company holiday gathering? My strolling magic takes event entertainment to the next level. Armed with a deck of cards, an iPhone, and a mind full of secrets, I make full grown adults gasp in amazement at a snap of the fingers. The reality is, there is no better corporate social entertainment or icebreaker than inviting me to mingle and perform close-up magic and mentalism at your next corporate event.

Jason Michael Magic

Jason Michaels is a professional speaker, award-winning magician, and author who inspires and amazes audiences around the world. A storyteller by heart, Jason connects with audiences by combining unforgettable, true stories with impossible mysteries. He has been performing sleight of hand, the art of illusion, and theater for almost three decades and has entertained audiences in twenty-five countries.

Magician - Eric Chen?

Brain Date


Welcome to your new digital gathering place one that inspires rich discussions, meaningful knowledge exchange, and real human connections, all inspired by peer learning. This entirely online experience helps your people find and meet those who share their interests and challenges for topic driven, learning focused, fully virtual conversations called braindates. Questions and discussions for the brain dates could be around building culture, similar hobbies, wellness, etc.


Virtual Reality - Better than Unicorns


We Understand That You Are Looking For Ways To Develop And Strengthen Company Culture, Especially In The Midst Of The Disconnection Of Remote Work.  We Have Decades Of Experience Utilizing Play And Reflective Conversations To Create Embodied Experiences Through Virtual Reality That Strengthen Empathy And Connection.   Have you ever walked a plank 80 stories in the air? Diffused a cartoon bomb? Played ultimate frisbee in space? These are some of the things that Coca-Cola got to do with us during their team building adventure. We used expansive play
and intentional reflection to allow them to connect, create incredible memories together, and gain an understanding of each other's unique perspectives.  


Would need to have 4-5 teams, but would be more of an experience than other options. Could be expensive, but meets several of Dascena's Cores and Values.