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Discussion  & NexTech AR Demo  - February 24, 2021


Attendee Feedback

  • Needs to be easier to navigate, especially the networking area

  • Want to have greater support with technology/platform 

  • Better instructions on how to use the platform as well as Zoom (for Windows, Mac/Ipad)

  • Provide time zone support

  • Better assurance of audio and buffering issues, especially audio

Discussion Points

  • Need to determine the number of days of the event (attendee feedback suggests 3)

  • OCRA feedback on the list of requirements and items that should be added or discussed

  • Might be a good idea to have a specific conference theme?  Would be able to support it with the website graphics,  event break ideas, connection kit etc.

  • Any thoughts/ideas on the design/look and feel?

  • Would OCRA create the overall design, or would you prefer AMC to provide graphics options? (Or use current graphic options?)

AMC Proposed List of Requirements for Platform

  • Easy to navigate & visually appealing

  • Customizable "look & feel" (not just branding colors/images) 

  • Be able to present the event as a broadcast that allows for smooth transition between the opening sessions, breakouts, breaks and networking activities

  • Dynamic exhibit area that allows for 1:1 interaction with attendees/exhibitors

  • Easy access to attendee list that allow 1:1 and group interaction

  • Easy way for live speakers to present and interact with audience

  • Networking areas that do not require a different sign-on (needs to feel seamless with the Platform)

  • Simple integration of social aspects, social media and fun components

  • Technical support/help that is easy to navigate to and can provide immediate assistance

  • Multiple ways to acknowledge sponsors

NexTech AR - Platform Demo Presentation

  • 10 years experience with Virtual Events

  • True Broadcasting/news style

  • Fully customizable (not turn key), so there is entire control of the "look and feel"

  • Designated design and delivery team

  • Dedicated technical support for attendees

  • Innovation such as AR

  • Entire demo:  15 minute NexTech AR Platform Overview

Demo 1 - this clip shows a simple design concept


Patient profiles could be a nice way of helping attendees find more information on their topic (e.g.,  there could be a patient representative for newly diagnosed, or by specific cancer types/symptoms, caregiver, and/or featured speakers/community partners)  

Look Book

Details and Pricing

Platform Planning Detail

Attendee Evaluations

Upgrade Exhibitor Area

Attendee Feedback

  • Frustration that many booths were not manned  

  • Took some time to figure it out/felt scattered

  • Integrative practitioner booth? (Perhaps an upgrade to the wellness area?)

  • Increase sponsor/exhibitor participation

  • Sell T-shirts, OCRA swag      

Discussion Points

  • Changing from a 3d exhibit model (i.e., a simulated exhibit hall) to a "Netflix" type model might be easier to navigate and would provide ability to have categories

  • Shopportunity category could include conference swag

  • Would you prefer a "booth" model or more of a website design?  Seems like it should be consistent, but could also be by category (but then all items in that category should be the same?) Or perhaps manned exhibits are booths and all others are a website?

  • Exhibits would likely be built by AMC Network, but NexTech has the capacity at a higher rate



Attendee Feedback 

  • Include moderators as well as more engaging formats for the sessions

  • Attendees asked for more direction on content (incl. ask the experts), divided into more specific track (e.g., newly diagnosed, recovering, etc.)

  • Caregivers support was not apparent (facilitator?)

  • Provide upbeat stories of long term survivors, recognize those who have passed

  • Provide resources for advocacy

  • Consider some live sessions (opening?)

Discussion Points

  • Thoughts about attendee feedback?

  • Speaker Profiles - bios, pictures, etc.  but do you want to include communications with speakers through their profile or only through their session  (For all or only some)?

  • Moderator possibilities or hire an MC? (or variety of MC's?)  


Networking and Attendee Engagement

Attendee Feedback - Improve Interactivity

  • More discussion opportunities

  • Live chat throughout the event

  • Small group sessions, offered by topic (including geographic area, same disease subtype or shared characteristics; i.e., BRCA; recurrent disease; colostomy; Community Partner, etc).

  • Attendee directory that allows you to have messaging and/or meeting 1:1 to find friends and make new ones

  • Match veterans of the conference with Newcomers

Discussion Points

  • Opportunities for smaller group sessions where attendees can be on video together and participate offered by topic

  • Promote local watch parties if possible (with safety regulations etc.)?  Perhaps with community partners?

  • Can add additional components, but would want to make sure it is not a different login or "feel" that it's outside of the platform

  • Consider having networking opportunities before and after the actual event dates (e.g., experiences with cooking, meditation, etc. - see examples, would need to be curated) that last for the entire month


For an example of a human hologram - scan the QR code below (need to download ARitize).


Event Connection and Entertainment

Teal Takeover Party

  • Attendees prefer the party on Thursday

  • More music and dancing

  • Opportunity to break into smaller group activities

Discussion Points

  • Thoughts about attendee feedback?

  • Montage video at Takeover Party?

  • The budget has increased for entertainment and the connection kit, are there specific concepts in mind?

  • Party rooms could include:  Magic and/or Comedy show (could be an MC), Karoke, Dance Party, Learn dance moves, Mixology, Cooking class, Jazz Bar, etc.

Connection Kit

  • 2nd wave of the connection kit to people who registered late

  • Consider providing items that would help their experience, like ear buds, microphones, etc. that would be easy to use/connect

  • Upgrade items and fit with theme (some liked the idea of having a cooking class based on the cookbook they received for example)

  • There could be fun items for the party rooms included in the connection kit