Breaking Barriers

Could be breaking barriers more directed towards company goals than individual ones.


Care kit could have microphone and other fun items. Does Teambonding still do this one?

Escape the Blizzard

Teams find themselves stranded in a winter blizzard and need to find their way home to their family and friends. The activity kicks off with our charismatic Lead Facilitator setting the scene and getting teams energized, informed, and ready for the challenge ahead. Teams of four or five are then sent to their respective video-conferencing breakout rooms to begin the challenge. There are 6 challenges in total where teams are tested to their limits to see if they have what it takes to Escape the Blizzard. Racing against the clock, they need to complete a variety of escape room ‘Survival’ style challenges to be successful. You and your team are stranded in a winter blizzard and need to find your way home! You’ll need to complete a variety of escape room ‘Survival’ style challenges to be successful.

Escape the Virtual Mob

Using an online video conference platform, Escape the Mob begins with a mysterious video telling teams that they are incriminated in the perfect heist. Your team members were in the wrong place at the wrong time and will have a limited amount of time to get their stories straight to determine their whereabouts during the robbery. After an initial briefing from the Lead Facilitator, participants will be led through a series of challenges, a variety of photos, videos, cryptic questions, and riddles. Completing challenges will reveal clues, taking each team one step closer to the finish line. Challenges may draw on the latest Escape Room style quests including ciphers, symbol swapping alpha puzzles, searching for objects in images, riddles, pattern identification, mysterious sounds and more! Teams gain points for correct answers. The winning team is the team with the most points but there is also shared jubilation as the teams must ultimately collaborate to clear their name.

Go Give Charity Scavenger Hunt – Isle of Impact

It’s the holiday season and we’ve created the perfect activity for your team to give back while laughing and learning, together as a team – Isle of Impact. Using our GoTeam app, each team will be virtually transported to an island where they must explore their new surroundings. During the hunt, teams will complete challenges which include cryptic clues, drawing, model making, photographs, and videos. Prior to the event, your TeamBonding Event Manager will assist you in selecting the perfect give back project which represents your own company’s culture. This online scavenger hunt adventure generates a fun and friendly competition among the participants while promoting collaboration among the entire group. The measurable benefits of working together toward a shared philanthropic objective make this virtual event truly one of a kind. Results are instantly calculated within the GoTeam app so top performing teams, as well as the related charitable impact, are announced as part of the event debrief and wrap-up. The whole group will celebrate the challenging, fun, and memorable experience, as well the difference they have made in the lives of others. Following the virtual event TeamBonding will happily send you all of the captured photos and videos so you can share in the lasting memories which have been created as a team.

Horse Racing

This doesn't appeal to me

Infinite Loop

The experience begins with an online briefing and intro video before participants are invited to join the Infinite Loop online portal with their team. Once online, their task becomes simple, they need to save a lost young man from the virtual world using the various pieces of information given to them. Each player will be connected to their team as they navigate the game, the screen will shift allowing a different team member to take the lead and drive progress and communication. While each person has access to information, no one has everything so they will need to communicate efficiently to ensure they get the best results. You may click here for additional information or to view a great program video/photos.


Your virtual Jeopardy game will deliver an engaging and familiar experience to your remote team. Company-centric questions, work-centric questions (sales goals, new software quizzes, etc.) or even light-hearted topics may all be included. Customization of the game content is an included option and is extremely easy to implement. Additionally, these custom trivia questions may be in the form of images or videos, perhaps from a Manager, Department Head or even your CEO. We’ve constructed this virtual Jeopardy! ® game with the same look, and feel, as the game show everyone knows and loves. We know it may seem too good to be true so please click here to take a quick tour of the program demo or click here to visit the program’s dedicated webpage.

Playing the Virtual Blues

Playing Virtual Blues Harmonica is a high energy experience,
that literally, blows away perceived limitations to prove that
with teamwork, good communication, and belief, anything is
possible. It transforms teams by stretching personal limits,
opening minds, and bringing individuals together in a unique
and compelling way that will be long remembered. The team
will be energized and exhilarated – they can now play the

Remote Haka Team Building

Energy. Vision. Power. Purpose and Connection.
Motivate and empower your teams with the tradition of
Haka. This ceremonial dance is the winning secret of one of
the world’s most competitive performing sports teams and is
now being adopted by some of the world’s top companies.
Give your team the same competitive edge as the All Blacks,
the famous New Zealand rugby team and rugby world

Roque Agent (Escape Room)

The virtual event is a highly engaging and experiential team event to develop creative problem solving, logic, teamwork, and communication skills through a virtual escape room concept. While saving the world from all kinds of terrorists and threats, a Rogue MI5 Agent has been growing his personal art collection and not entirely legitimately. The unknown agent has been stealing art and sculptures from across the globe. MI5 is onto him though, but no one within the agency can be trusted. As the newest recruits to the agency, it falls on you to uncover the identity of the Rogue Agent, collate the evidence against him, and advise the agency of his whereabouts. In order to do this, you will be given access to the Government’s secret online portal which you must use to complete the case. Via your chosen Video Platform, your Event Manager will set the scene with a tense virtual briefing, logging you into the sophisticated MI5 dashboard and explaining the mission ahead. Should you choose to accept it your mission is: Identify the Rogue Agent, gather evidence against them, and find their location. You may click here for additional information or to view a great program video/photos.

Sherlock Holmes

Can you catch the killer? You must work with your colleagues to investigate the manor, solving dastardly riddles and clues to uncover…Whodunnit! This Fully Hosted Murder Mystery Escape Game is the ultimate virtual team building activity and is the latest edition to the 5-star games. Play in teams and race to see who can catch the killer first! The date is 1921, you are an 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes embarking on your maiden investigation – the murder of Lord Harrington in Chapel gate Manor. Get into character; dust off the feather boa and become the femme fatale you always wanted to be or grab the deerstalker and pipe and see things through the eyes of the master detective himself.

Virtual Mentalist with Jon Stetson

You can create a fresh program that your team, your clients,
and vendors will talk about long after the event is over. Jon
Stetson blends the art of mystery with the study of psychology,
the predictability of human nature, and the power of intuition,
with a disarming sense of Humor. The result is slack-jawed
amazement, where the most skeptical of audiences begin to
feel a renewed sense of wonder as impossibilities become

Virtual Survey Says

Virtual Survey Says is TeamBonding’s hilarious remote
adaptation of the classic, long-running game show in which
two teams try to guess the top six to ten answers displayed
on the board. This team building version of Family Feud is by
far one of the most popular game show programs that we
present. How well do you know your coworkers, company
and corporate culture? You’ll have a great time finding out
with our team building trivia activity! (Can customize)